We offer meat and vegetarian dishes, in addition to yummy desserts


Enjoy our individual booths spread across our branches


From fresh juices and soft drinks to any hot drink


Aldawar Almasry !!

Not just a brand name, it signifies the greatness of the Egyptian culture,therefore Aldawar means the big house

From Jeddah our beginning was, after planning, designing and determination, Aldawar Almasry opened in 2010.

We offer the most famous dishes in the taste and originality of Egyptian cuisine, and set a luxurious and special atmosphere, to enjoy the mix between the heritage and the beauty of the present.

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طاجن فته موزه من أكلات مصر المعروفة المعروفة، جتك لحد عندك.

رمضان جانا و فرحنا به بعد غيابه و بقاله زمان
غنوا وقولوا شهر بطوله.. غنوا و قولوا أهلاً رمضان

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شاركونا وضعكم مع الحجر 🤔
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